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Work With God


We have all heard the joke about a flood, a man on a roof, and the boat and helicopter that were sent to save him. The man does not accept the help and says he is waiting on God. When the man drowns, he asks God why He did not save him. God says, “I sent you a boat and a helicopter.” God allows us to participate in His plans and often does not act until we step out in faith. This allows us to practice total obedience and faith in God’s provisions. In Genesis 21:22-34 we witness a treaty Abraham made with Abimelech, and through the treaty we see Abraham take a step of faith based on God’s promise to Abraham of a great land. Abraham struck a deal to secure the rights to a water well in Canaan. Water was like gold to a herdsman, and this deal allowed him to claim ownership of the water well. This was a small, but decisive, step towards the fulfillment of God’s promise. Do not be lazy and ask God to do the work He has planned for you. Do your part and step out in faith and claim the promises of God.

Series Summary


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