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Show Your Scar


Even in our sin, when we humbly cry out to God, He hears us and saves us. Ishmael cried out to God when he and his mom were close to death in the desert. Ishmael may have been crying out in repentance for the pain his sin had caused them. God heard the cry and saved them, but they were forever separated from Abraham. When we sin, but sincerely seek forgiveness, God responds. He may even get us out of the mess we created, but we will still face consequences for our actions. Sin equals separation from God. Forgiveness brings us back to God. Yet, the consequences are still with us. Just as a deep cut heals, it will still leave a scar. Learning to live life with that scar is often a cross we bear, but a cross that God can use to help other people. Be open about the healed wounds you carry so God can use you to help others. Otherwise, that scar you wear will be in vain. Gen 21:17

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