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Noah was 600


In Genesis 6:14 God commanded Noah to make the ark. In Genesis 7:6 we learn Noah was 600 years old when the flood came. Man lived longer in the pre-flood era, but even then, 600 was not a spring chicken. When I read the age of the people God used to accomplish miraculous events, it reminds me that God is not finished with us until He calls us Home. Do not fall victim to the “that season has passed” way of thinking. Even if you begin what you have been called to do, but you do not finish because your days are numbered, God will have prepared another to take the baton from you. From the beginning of time until Christ returns, life is like a relay. We each have our part to play. It may not be our job to cross the finish line. Our assignment may be to pass the stick to the next person. Until our dying breath, God can and will use us, if we are willing to follow where He leads.


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