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God Keeps His Word, Even When We Mess Things Up


When we doubt God and take things into our own hands, we tend to mess up. When Abram and Sarai entered Egypt, Abram told his wife to say she was his sister (Egyptians looked down on wonderers and would not think twice about killing Abram to take Sarai). Because of Abram’s lie, Pharoah took Sarai to be his wife. “Wait,” we say. Didn’t God say His covenant would be fulfilled through Abram’s descendants? Where does Sarai fit into this plan? If she marries the Pharoah and has a child, does this mean God cannot fulfill His covenant with Abram? How foolish we are! God’s plans will never be thwarted, but when man steps in and tries to take control, often God must step in and straighten things out. Sometimes, this is not pleasant. In order for Pharoah to release Sarai, God sent a plague on the ruler and his household, thus revealing Abram’s lie. Pharoah was not guilty in this situation, as he took Sarai under the premise that she was Abram’s sister, not his wife, but the non-guilty party still suffered due to another man’s lie. When we sin, when we say, “I know better than God,” we will suffer the consequence of our actions. Sadly, often those around us suffer, too. I find comfort in this story, because it reminds me that even when my less-than-perfect plans try to override God’s plans, He can still get me out of trouble (if He chooses to!). Despite my flaws, God can still work in my life, and He will always fulfill His promises (Romans 8:28).


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