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Even Abraham Faltered


How quickly we forget what God has done in our lives. In Genesis 12 we learned Abraham lied and told the Egyptian Pharoah that Sarah was his sister, not his wife, to protect himself. God intervened and stopped the marriage between Sarah and the Pharoah. Why? God had made a covenant with Abraham that Sarah was to give birth to a son from which the New Covenant would come. (The New Covenant being the coming of the Messiah).

So now, we see Abraham and Sarah enter Gerar, which was a small town on the border of Canaan. Abraham repeats his mistake. He lied to the king and said Sarah was his sister. Abraham had enjoyed great intimacy with God in Chapter 18 yet suddenly he abandons his faith…again!

This brings me sadness, but also comfort. Sadness to see such a godly man lack so much faith for God’s protection. Yet comfort knowing if one of the greatest biblical prophets, whom God chose to be the father of the ancestral line of Jesus, could falter then I do not need to beast myself up endlessly when I fail, too. I will still be held accountable for my sins, but I know God will forgive and be ready when I call on Him.

In the case with Sarah and Abraham, God not only stepped in to save them, but through the king He gave them great riches. Even in their disobedience to God, He blessed them.

I used to pray, “God, your will be done.” I find greater comfort in praying, “God, go before me in all things.” If I allow God to always take the lead in my life, then I can rest in the shadow of His protection.


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