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Abraham’s First Stake in the Promised Land


The entire chapter of Genesis 23 deals with the death of Abraham’s wife, Sarah, and the negotiations between Abraham and the Hittites as to where Sarah would be buried. The Hittites were willing to donate a piece of land, free of charge, so Abraham could bury his wife. “Bury your dead in the choicest of tombs. None of us will refuse you…” (Genesis 23:6 NIV). Abraham would not accept, though. He insisted on paying for the land he would possess. This was important to him. With the purchase of Sarah’s tomb, Abraham now owned a piece of the land God had promised him. Abraham was taking a legal step to establish ownership in the Promised Land. This chapter is a reminder that God allows us to be active participants in His promises. Not only does He allow us, but He also desires this. Always dreaming, but never acting, does not move us closer to God’s promises. Be bold. Follow His leading and be amazed at what God has planned in your life!


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