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A Disciplined Relationship with God

We form relationships by spending time together. The more time we spend, the more we get to know each other and the deeper our love grows. God is not a religion that we work toward. He did not say, “Work your way up to heaven and I’ll let you in.” Instead, He came down to us and sacrificed Himself so all who call on His name will be saved. To know someone, though, we must spend time together. Daily reading of the Bible is crucial for a deeper relationship with God. I will never pretend to be pious and convey how easy this is for me, because it is not. Knowing this, I must put boundaries around myself and practice discipline. My day begins with breakfast, coffee, and news. Followed by dressing and heading to my office. I intentionally place my Bible study materials on my desk next to the folding counter that I must pass through to sit at my computer. I cannot get to my computer without first passing my Bible. If I do not feel like reading, I must look at my Bible and say, “Not today.” I challenge you to try this. So far, I have yet to say, “Not today.” It is almost impossible to look at God’s word and dismiss Him. If you have trouble sticking to a daily quiet time, try putting some physical boundaries around yourself to help hold you accountable. I have yet to say at the end of a day, “I wish I had not given God that 30 minutes this morning. I had too much to do today.” In fact, the opposite has proven true. The more time I spend with God, the more He seems to multiply my time. How awesome is that!!!


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