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Your Home Should Tell Your Story:

It is usually the most beautiful dress a woman ever owns. We wear it once, then pack it away, in hopes that one day we might have a daughter or granddaughter that surely, might, well, maybe, will want to wear it on her own wedding day. In honor of the marriage series we are posting, I wanted to share what I did with my wedding dress. This was a bold move when it comes to letting your home tell your story, but it worked.

My dress is on display in the corner of our dressing room! I believe strongly a home should represent the tastes of both the husband and wife, so in keeping with this theory, our dressing room is extremely masculine with dark hardwoods from floor to ceiling, but the one pop of femininity is right smack in the corner as the first thing you see when you walk in. My husband and I both love the way the room looks, and every day it is a visual reminder of the covenant we made with each other.


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