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Top 7 Party Tips from our Male Companions

When the Lisa Lou team polled readers about things they liked or did not like about parties, I especially enjoyed reading the responses from our male readers. I compiled a short list to represent what they said:

1. Make sure the A/C is turned low.

2. Do not have the music so loud you cannot talk. I did not come for a concert.

3. Do not run out of food.

4. Do not remove the food before the party is over.

5. Do not run out of bar items.

6. Do not serve cheap wine.

And the biggest complaint we received from multiple sources: The event did not run smoothly because the hostess was not organized! Ladies, how many times have I talked about this. Parties do not need to be fancy, but they do need to be organized. Keep it simple, even if that means serving a bowl of pasta with a choice of sauce. Guests love simple and organized. Do not fool yourself into thinking otherwise.

Together with you,

Lisa Lou


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