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The Man Only I See

  • Prostrate on the ground praying earnestly for those in his life.

  • Living on 3 hours sleep for months to build something special to improve the lives of thousands.

  • In all his busyness, never making me feel I come in second. Even when it means sacrificing himself.

  • Serving as my protector. “Lisa never got herself into something that I could not get her out of,” lovingly stated by my husband.

  • Lifting me higher than himself, so I can soar.

  • Sending love letters to me.

  • Sending flowers when they are not expected.

  • Giving his all to be the best father to our son, and now grandfather to our new grandson!

  • Always improving himself, physically, mentally, spiritually, to be better than the day before.

  • Helping others financially, even when they did not know (and he did not want them to know).

  • Guiding our family spiritually. Always seeking God first, he leads by example. (How often I wanted to sleep on Sundays when we had a child under our roof, but Christopher would get up, dress our son, and take him to church even if I did not attend. He never made me feel guilty, but he led by example, and this was the best motivator I could have.)

  • Honorable + Warrior + Protector + Provider + Lover of God = My Husband.

I am forever thankful God chose me to be your partner. I love you! Happy Father’s Day!


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