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Strawberry + Mint Quinoa Salad

A fantastic salad to bring to a back yard BBQ or to have meal prepped for a quick lunch, this versatile dish will be a hit wherever you serve it. From the sweet juiciness of the strawberries to the salty tang of the feta and the crunch of the pistachios, every element of this recipe complements the others. I love using a ton of herbs when I cook, so I add a cup of mint to this mix. If you aren't as big on herbs you can add less or also substitute the mint for parsley, basil, or even cilantro.

Strawberry Quinoa Salad
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Makes 4 Servings

Preparation Time: 15 minutes


*1 cup quinoa, cooked and cooled

*16 oz box of strawberries, small dice

*1/2 cup pistachios

*4 ounces of feta cheese, crumbled

*1 cup fresh mint, minced

*3 tablespoons olive oil

*1 tablespoon lemon juice

*2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar

*Sprinkle of salt and pepper


*Place cooked quinoa into a large bowl along with the strawberries, pistachios, feta, and mint. Toss gently until combined.

*Pour the olive oil, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and sprinkle of salt and pepper over the mixture. Toss and let sit for 5 minutes. Taste and add more salt, lemon, or vinegar if desired.

*Sprinkle a little extra mint and feta over the top to serve.

Recipe Creator - Alina Gersib


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