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Stationary or Stationery?

Stationary or Stationery. When do you spell it with an “a” or an “e?”

I hope you had a chance to read my Top 10 Hostess Gifts blog. I mention stationery as a gift I enjoy giving. It never fails, though. I have a mental block on the two words stationary/stationery. I edit my work a minimum of 4 times, I use spellcheck, and I have a Journalism degree! Still, this word has always tricked me. A friend gave me a great tip to remember the correct spelling, and I thought I would pass it along.

Stationary (with an “a”): to hold something in place

Think of an A-frame house. The A-frame keeps everything in place.

Stationery (with an “e”): paper used when writing a letter

Think of an envelope. Envelope starts with the letter “e” and an envelope is needed with stationery.

Thank you, Elizabeth Blakemore! I think I can finally remember how to spell these two words!


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