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Small Talk and Exiting a Conversation

Q: How do I master small talk, and how do I break away from a conversation at a party?

A: Remember two things:

1) Introduce yourself and ask what their connection is to the hostess.

2) Ask them to tell you a little about themselves. These two questions will use up enough time that you will have successfully “small talked” your way through a party.

How do you disengage from a conversation? After a few minutes of conversation (and especially if you feel the conversation is dying) you can do two things:

1) Shake their hand and say, “I don’t want to monopolize your time. I have really enjoyed our conversation.” Then walk away.

2) At an appropriate point in the conversation say, “I have enjoyed visiting with you. If you will excuse me, I need to speak to a friend before she leaves the party.” Obviously, do not lie, but there usually is someone you need to catch before they walk out the door. These tips work every time.


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