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Setting up a Home Bar

There is no end to the items a host might have in their home bar, but below are the basics I would recommend:

5 Spirits:

Vodka, Gin, Rum, Whiskey, Tequila, Amaretto

(Replace bottles every 1-2 years)


White: Sauvignon Blanc

Dry Rose

Sparkling Wine of your choice

Red Blend of your choice

Tip: People’s wine choices vary greatly, and everyone has a different opinion. The above are just basics to get you started. I suggest seeking recommendations from your local wine shop. Or, better yet, ask your party guests what they enjoy.

Mixers and Aperitifs:

Stock what your friends and guests enjoy (just ask them!)

Suggestion: Stay with just 3 cocktails thus minimizing items you need on hand


For a special party buy fresh citrus fruits and herbs

For items to always have on hand you can stick with dehydrated versions of fruit and herbs


Bottle opener


Cocktail shaker/strainer

Muddler and stirring spoon

Corkscrew for wine

Wine stopper

Cutting board and knife

Ice bucket and tongs

Dish towel


Red wine

White wine



Double Old Fashion

High Ball

Tip: If you are starting from scratch, invest in a universal wine glass, Coupe, High Ball and Double Old Fashion

Bar Cart:

Turn any room into the bar by placing items on a decorative bar cart. This also allows you flexibility to move the bar to any room in the house.

Together with you,

Lisa Lou


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