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September Wine Tasting Party Idea

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Decor Ideas:

1. Use a decorative wine bucket filled with flowers as your table centerpiece. This works if you have a separate table where you will place the food. If the wine tasting is conducted at one table where your guests are sitting, then you need lower height decorations where everyone can see over the arrangements. Use wine glasses randomly placed down the table with sprigs of flowers in them.

2. Scatter old wine corks around the table.

3. Place a wine scoring/rating card at each plate.

4. Stay with black and gold for your colors. You can use a white linen tablecloth and black linen napkins. If you have a natural wood table, then I would omit the tablecloth and go with a color for the napkins.

5. Baskets of grapes across the table add a nice, natural touch. You can use this instead of flowers. If you do, then use a few wine glasses filled with water around the table and place a tealight candle in each glass. The candles and baskets of grapes make a nice arrangement.

6. Party Favor: A decorative wine stopper.

Spotify Playlist for Wine Tasting party.


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