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Parallels Between Isaac and Jesus


The story of God asking Abraham to sacrifice Isaac parallels and foretells the coming of Jesus.

  1. Isaac was an only child to Abraham and Sarah. Jesus is God’s only son.

  2. Abraham received the command to sacrifice Isaac. Jesus’ purpose for living was for the ultimate command of His sacrifice.

  3. Isaac was willingly bound, showing his obedience to God. Jesus willingly walked into Jerusalem knowing His death would save the world.

  4. Isaac had a long walk, carrying kindling strapped to his back, to the place where he was to be sacrificed. Jesus carried the wooden cross as He made His long walk to where He would be sacrificed.

  5. Abraham experienced great pain as he lay his son on the alter, as did God.

  6. This is where the two stories part. With Abraham, God intervened to stop the sacrifice, because it was a test of Abraham’s obedience. God did not intervene in the death of Jesus, because it was the sacrifice of the Lamb that would save men.


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