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November Thanksgiving Party Idea

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Decor Ideas:

1. I stay very traditional for the Thanksgiving meal. My centerpiece is a cornucopia. You can fill this with fresh produce or, you can fill it with dried flowers and gourds from the local craft store. Stick some pheasant feathers in this centerpiece, and you have a great fall decoration.

2. Small tealight candles add a cozy feeling to the table.

3. Let your plates be the focal point of your décor. You can go traditional with simple everyday pieces, use your best china, or, have some type of novelty plate. I have a set of Americana plates that show artwork of different houses in colonial times. You can’t eat off these plates, so I use them as chargers and place a clear glass plate on top.

4. Above each plate I put a small easel that has a description of that guest’s plate. This serves for good conversation. Since most Thanksgiving meals revolve around extended family gatherings, having conversation starter cards is always a nice touch. You can place a different conversation starter card on each person’s plate, and this will create a very interactive family meal.

5. Party Favors: Many families go around the table and tell what they are thankful for. Sending each guest home with their own Grateful Journal would be very nice. Writing in the first page of each journal telling your guest why they are important in your life would be extra special.

Spotify Playlist for Thanksgiving Party.

Menu Ideas:

All recipes come courtesy of Penny and Eleazar Martinez.

Taste Tests for the menu ideas come out every Friday, so if you do not see the one you're looking for now, be sure to keep checking back here or on our Instagram.

Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes:

November Thanksgiving Menu
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