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No Need to Put All the Utensils on the Table if You Do Not Use Them

Updated: Apr 23

Bad Advice: No need to set a table with all the different utensils. Only set a table with what you need.

Debunked: I do not completely disagree, but there is a bigger point I want to make. 1. Different people use different utensils with their meal. I am more of a spoon eater while my husband more frequently uses his fork. We will often be at a restaurant where we must ask for a different utensil because it was not given. 2. I agree if fish with its skin is not being served, then you do not need to place a fish fork and knife on the table. With that said, I do believe at home we should set the basic table for meals. This includes a dinner knife, spoon, dinner fork and dessert fork (also a salad fork if you are eating salad). Visually seeing this example teaches a child the basics of table manners. As a coach tells an athlete, “Practice like you play.” If we do not practice understanding our place settings at home, and how to use the different pieces, then we will not know what to do in public when it matters.


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