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Marriage Tidbit

Create a couple’s logo to use on stationery and gift tags. It’s a great signature item to have! ⁣

The wife’s first initial goes to the left and the husband’s first initial goes to the right. The shared last name initial is in the middle and larger. ⁣

Why does the wife’s name go on the left? Because if you were to write out the names it would appear like this: Debbie and David Cooper. ⁣

The wife’s name precedes the husband’s name. Often there is confusion about which name goes first. If you are following official protocol, the reason the husband’s name is second is due to the fact you never separate a man’s given name (first name) from his surname (last name). ⁣

He acquired his last name because of the family he was born into. The wife was not born into the family. She acquired the name upon marriage.


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