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Mango and Strawberry Slushy

On a hot summer day nothing is more refreshing than a tasty slushy. Rather than buying a drink that is packed with tons of sugar, try out this homemade fruit slushy. Sweetened by just fruit and honey, it is sure to be a hit for the whole crew from children to adults. If you are serving to young ones, I would opt for only a sugar coated rim instead of sugar and Tajin as they may not like the chili. If you like a little pop of spiciness however, the Tajin rim is a tasty addition that adds a fun flavor dimension to the drink. Enjoy!

Mango and Strawberry Slushy
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Makes 4 servings

Preparation Time: 10 minutes


*2 mangos

*2 cups of strawberries

*2 cups of ice (Add more if desired for a thicker slushy)

*2 teaspoons of honey (This will bring the littlest bit of extra sweetness, feel free to add extra or omit)

*1 lime, juiced

*1/2 lime, sliced

*1/2 teaspoon sugar

*1/2 teaspoon tajin


*Place glasses in freezer for get frosty.

*Add mango, strawberry, ice, honey, and lime juice to blender and blend until it reaches a slushy consistency.

*Add the sugar and tajin in a small dish, mixing until combined. Roll the rim of the glass along the inside of the juiced lime and then immediately dip it in the sugar and tajin mix.

*Pour the slushy, add a sliced lime to the rim for garnish, and enjoy!


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