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Longing for Family Mealtime

After I posted a blog on the importance of family mealtime a friend said to me: “When our boys were in elementary school the little boy across the street commented, ‘Y’all have dinner in the dining room every night.’ When I asked him how he knew this he said longingly, ‘Because I watch you from my bedroom window.’” It broke my friend’s heart, because she knew that little boy was lacking what she was providing for her children, and that was a place of connection. Children feel secure, loved, and protected when family comes together around the table.

Sharing meals together provides everyone a chance to talk about their day and connect on a deeper level. Do not ignore this important part of family life. We all live busy lives, and if gathering for a meal does not always happen, try a different connection. Maybe dessert around the coffee table, or parents and children pile up in bed for a quick game of cards and a late-night snack. We encourage meals together as a family, but do not kick yourself when this does not happen. If we step back, though, and really evaluate how we are spending our evenings, I venture to say most of us could find 30 minutes to share a meal together. It may not be perfect, but it’s a start.


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