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Lisa Lou’s 3 Favorite Go-To Centerpieces

My motto is always use flowers and Keep it Simple. For me, this also means making it easy to execute. The harder the project the less likely we are to do it. Leave the over-the-top arrangements for the professionals. Our goal is to simply make our guests feel welcome and loved.

1. When I want a small centerpiece, I use 1-3 mint julep cups and fill them with flowers to coordinate with the colors on my table settings. Scatter a few votive candles and it is elegantly simple.

2. For a bolder look, I will use a silver bowl and either have the florist assemble a beautiful arrangement, or I will employ my secret trick and buy a floral plant and plop it in the container.

3. I cannot resist a dough bowl arrangement! I use these all year. They are filled with pumpkins and pinecones in the fall and fresh floral plants from the local nursery in the spring. Buy the plants, keep them in their pots, and surround them with moss. Very easy!

Together with you,

Lisa Lou


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