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I Struggle Getting Out the Door

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Q: I really struggle getting out the door for a party. Help!

A: I am going to assume you mean you run late with last minute preparations. Unless the party is a spontaneous surprise, you know it is coming. The day before, lay out the clothes you will wear. Is everything ironed? What jewelry goes with your outfit? What purse will you take? Put everything together and hang it in your closet. Will you have a baby-sitter? Do you have enough cash on hand to pay them? How much time do you need to get ready? Whatever that is add an extra 30 minutes. Are you taking a hostess gift? If so, put it by your door with your keys. It seems your struggles come more from lack of preparation than really knowing what to do or not to do. I find it easier if I make a list of everything I must complete to get out the door. Having something to look at, and then cross off, really helps me. List: Lay out clothes; Find jewelry; Cash on hand; Instructions for baby-sitter; Switch contents from purse to evening clutch; Put dogs in crate. Making the list is the easy part. Now you will have something to refer to that will help keep you on schedule, allowing for a stress-free evening!


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