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How to Plan a Trip with Children

Q: What are the best trips to take with small children?

A: This answer depends on your family’s interests, travel dates, and budget! The right spring break trip for one family might be skiing in Vail and for another it might be 7 nights split between Paris and London. To help narrow your focus I ask several questions of my clients at the beginning of the planning process. These include: Are you an active family (do you enjoy hiking, snorkeling, white water rafting, etc.)? Do you like theme parks, museums, cooking lessons, shopping? Do you want a destination offering cultural and historical significance along with natural beauty and amazing food? Where have you been on previous vacations that you liked or disliked? How many days can you take for vacation and what is your budget? What time of the year do you plan on traveling? All these things need to be taken into consideration when planning a trip. I have planned trips for families to NYC and as far away as Japan, which included private tours of animal studios because that was the oldest daughter’s passion. Figure out what your family loves to do? Relaxing by the beach, cooking out, and playing games at night? This type of vacation will have a different focus. Is your trip for your immediate family or does it include multi generations? Bottom line, it comes back to each family and their interests, length of vacation, time of year, and budget. You only have 18 years with your children at home and it goes so fast. Take advantage of it!!

Cristina Buaas



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