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How to Change up a Party So It is Different

Q: How do I change up my parties, so they are not the same thing every time?

A: I am taking a different approach in answering this question. There are endless ideas you can research on Pinterest if you want new ideas. Let me throw out my thoughts, which may be contrary to what you are seeking. (Or, I may have missed the boat all together with your question.) I like creating signature items that people identify only with me. I have a dear friend that hosts the same themed party every year, and if she ever changed it, I would be disappointed. It is the same feeling when your favorite restaurant discontinues the mouth-watering dish you go there for. You are disappointed. By creating a signature party and menu that has your fingerprints, it can take a lot of stress off you so you no longer feel you must change your parties. If you host a lot of dinner gatherings, then I would suggest just altering the menu to add variety. I believe hostesses spend too much time trying to create elaborately themed, over the top parties, where the focus no longer is about hospitality and spending time with loved ones. Instead, it becomes a competition as to which neighbor can throw the best Christmas shindig. Why do people love getting away to a small cabin in the woods? Because it gets us back to a more simplistic life. You feel you can breathe and relax. Give yourself permission to go simple and to repeat. The most successful parties are the ones where guests walk away saying, “That was so warm and cozy. I really had a wonderful time escaping the world for a few hours.”


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