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How Do I Build a Circle of Relatable Friends

Q: How do I build a circle of relatable friends.

A: Friendships take time to cultivate and grow, and there are different ways to approach these relationships. We connect on a heart level when we share our prayer requests with one another, and often deep friendships originate through prayer groups. Finding an exercise partner is another way to form friendships. Scheduling walks with a friend offers a little cardio but allows you time to build an emotional connection with that person. Side by side conversations can be easier than face to face when getting to know someone. Foundations are built around shared interest. Consider asking someone to mentor you by meeting you for coffee every few months. A true mentor relationship needs to have boundaries. Determine the time you begin and end the conversation with them. If a 45-minute coffee date turns into 3 hours, you will both think twice before doing this again. Find a small group that meets regularly which revolve around shared values and hobbies. A painting group, a bible study, a book club, a boxing organization. When children arrive, scheduling regular playdates is a great way for moms to connect. Friendships take time, and people will come and go throughout life. Finding others who are like-minded can be difficult. If you are a newlywed, or you and your spouse have recently moved to a new town, it is not unusual to go through periods of loneliness feeling you are devoid of friends. Surrounding yourself with healthy relationships is the first place to begin. If you are willing to serve others and learn to give what you need before seeking to receive, you will slowly develop deeper connections. Be the instigator, and over time, these friendships will form.

Lisa Lou


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