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Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Our dads are often the backbone of the family. How do we celebrate them when our covid-19 world keeps us home more? In times like this, we need to think outside the box. Get the ideas flowing with the help of these 10 suggestions that you can do from home.

BBQ Grill: With more time spent at home and summer approaching, now is a great time to invest in that BBQ dad has been wanting.

Steaks from His Favorite Meat House: Don’t just buy the new grill, gift him the entire party. Buy a family pack of steaks online. Include the seasoning and don’t forget his favorite sides.

Binge Watch HIS Favorite Shows All Night: It’s one thing to purchase his favorite shows on a streaming service, but you elevate your gift when you hop on the couch and watch the shows with him. Pop popcorn and make it a great night.

Coupon Book to Organize His Closet: …or any other part of his life that he would like to have organized. When we spend a great deal of time at home, things that we have ignored suddenly start bothering us. Offer a day of cleaning and organizing to help your favorite man de-clutter his life.

Gift Card to His Favorite Hardware Store: He may not be able to shop in person at his favorite hardware store, but most have an online presence. Let him stay in his robe and go on a shopping spree from the couch. If your local store does not have online shopping, an Amazon card will always work. Try to support small businesses, though. Buy local when you can!

Make His Favorite Breakfast: And make it a big one! Add a twist by flipping the day. Start by grilling steaks in the morning. Let Dad relax during the day and end the evening with a big breakfast.

Favorite Earbuds: Earbuds or headphones, whatever he prefers. Being quarantined at home with a great set will allow him a little extra quiet.

Indoor/Outdoor Slippers: He may be dressing from the waist up for those at-home Zoom meetings but treat him to a soft and sturdy pair of house shoes that can be worn inside or outside. Trust me! No one from the office will know!!

Upgrade His Desk Accessories: At this point in our semi-quarantine, Dad has probably mentioned he would like a nice desk set for his home office. Now is a great time to spruce up his space.

New Running Shoes: If the dad in your life has spent as much time outdoors as mine has, he is probably due for a new pair of athletic shoes.

Although our mind usually goes towards tangible items when it comes to gift giving, the best way to please the man in your life is by speaking his love language. These languages include words of affirmation; acts of service; receiving gifts; quality time; physical touch. If you do not know what language Dad speaks, I encourage the entire family to take the 5 Love Languages quiz. You will learn how to better communicate to both your spouse and your children. When it comes to gift giving, if you can speak his language, your gift (whether tangible or spoken) will be a hit!

Together with you,

Lisa Lou


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