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Be Intentional/Be Present: The Commercial Shoot in My Home

Each year my husband and I come up with one word that we use to define us and shape our behavior for the following 12 months. The past two years, I kept the same word, but I also cheated and chose two words: Be Intentional; Be Present. I don’t want to go through the motions of life always responding to the whirlwind. I want to live each day with intentionality. I want to be-in-charge of my life (but always one step behind God!). I don’t want others telling me how to live my days. I do this by living by the words: Be Intentional.

I also don’t want to miss out on life. I do this by being present with others. If I always stayed home, turned down invitations or did not “show up” in the lives of the people around me, then how can I have an impact on those in my sphere of influence? I can’t. I need to: Be Present.

Today was an exciting time in our home. It was the third time we have been asked by others if our home could be used to film a commercial. This, by far, was the biggest of my three experiences. The commercial crew was here from 9:30a.m. to 8p.m., and they were fabulous! They were so kind and very precise in putting my home back exactly like they found it. I could have said “no” when I was approached about another filming, but that would be a missed opportunity to live by my chosen words. I was able to have some great conversations with people I had never met, all because I was willing to: Be Present in the lives of others and Be Intentional with my actions and words. I thought you might enjoy a few behind-the-scenes photos from the day.

Yes, that’s the couch from my game room sitting in my kitchen.

All paintings were removed from the walls and the furniture placed in another room.

My dining table used to be here.

From Colonel:

Today was very exciting. I got to see a commercial filmed in my home. I almost caused an accident, though. I thought the commercial people had used my tennis balls without asking me. I went over to retrieve them back! Uh oh, those weren’t mine. I kept my favorite toy with me, for security, the rest of the day.

Behind the scenes at the commercial shoot. Wow! It takes an army, and hours of filming, to create a 30 second ad.

The driveway became the staging area for snacks and electrical equipment.


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