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August Back to School Brunch Party Idea

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Decor Ideas:

1. If this is an end of summer party with young ones, you can stick with a swim theme. For this purpose, though, my party is for adults. On several occasions I hosted parties on the first day of school after mom’s dropped their children off to their classes. I think most of us can remember that feeling of, “I’m sad it’s the first day of school…I’m glad it’s the first day of school!” So, my parties were more about getting the moms together so we could enjoy all the emotions that come with a new school year.

2. A breakfast works best so moms have a place to go right after drop-off. Knowing the party is in the morning, I greet each guest with a Mimosa at the door.

3. The buffet table has boxed breakfasts with croissant egg sandwiches and fruit. The boxes placed on the table serve as the main part of the décor.

4. The centerpiece is a big floral plant sitting in a basket with pennants poking out representing the school where the children attend.

5. Sprinkle confetti around the table in your school colors, and maybe confetti of football cutouts and musical notes. Since the first school activity is usually a football game, celebrating our football teams and band members is always fun.

6. Party Favor: If you want a more elaborate gift buy a certificate for a manicure for each mom. Or, wrap up a candied apple (apple representing school days) with the sprinkles around the apple in the school colors.

Spotify Playlist for Back to School Party.

Menu Ideas:

All recipes come courtesy of Penny and Eleazar Martinez.

Taste Tests for the menu ideas come out every Friday, so if you do not see the one you're looking for now, be sure to keep checking back here or on our Instagram.

August Back to Schol Brunch Recipes

August Back to School Brunch
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