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5 Criteria for Trustworthiness - By Dr. John Gottman

Sometimes you just need to re-post tips that were great to read. I find myself saying this quite often when it comes to The Gottman Institute. They are some of the leading relationship experts in our country, and the research they did on trustworthiness is very informative. Does your mate fulfill these five areas? Better yet, do you? We can all be guilty of slipping on occasion, but to have a relationship that truly thrives, you need to have a mate you can sincerely trust. Check out these 5 tips:

How do you know if you can really trust someone? Dr. John Gottman found 5 criteria for trustworthiness in his research:

  1. Honesty: Does your partner tell the truth to you and to others?

  2. Transparency: Does your partner invite you to meet family, friends, colleagues? Do they confide in you about major stressors, ambitions, and goals?

  3. Accountability: Is there proof that your partner keeps their promises?

  4. Ethical Actions: Does your partner display just and fair conduct with consistency?

  5. Proof of Alliance: Does your partner have your back? Are they on your team?

The Gottman Institute


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