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3-Year Old Luci’s Galentine’s Party

Sami writes for Lisa Lou, and when I heard her precious little girl was hosting her own Galentine’s Day party I had to share. What an incredible mom! Sami knows the importance of helping her daughter learn how to show hospitality. Remember, as I say repeatedly at Lisa Lou, hospitality is different than entertaining. Hospitality is how we love on others. Inviting people into our home even when it is a mess. Taking food to a sick friend. Speaking to a stranger. These are all acts of hospitality. Entertaining is the way in which we show hospitality. Beautiful tablescapes and thematic parties would fall under this category.

Entertaining is fun, and I love decorating for a dinner party, but we should never let our desire to entertain override our responsibility to extend hospitality. I am so proud of Sami for doing both!

Luci, who is 3 1/2, helped her mommy set the table with pretty plates, napkins, and decorations. She also participated in creating the fringe backdrop you see in the photo. Mom taught Luci a good lesson about the work involved when entertaining. The two shopped together for all the items they would need, and Luci worked diligently in the kitchen with her mom to prepare the food. Hosting a gathering is much harder than it looks! It is good Luci learned this at such an early age.

Luci and mom had fun preparing to entertain, but Sami instructed her daughter on the most important part of being a good hostess. She taught her how to say hello to everyone and make them feel welcome. Luci did this by showing her friends around the house and where the bathroom was (just in case). Luci also shared her toys with her invited guests.

I love that this party had an activity. This is important for children, but it can also be great for adults. I often incorporate activities in my grown-up parties. We are never too old for fun!

Thank you, Sami, for sharing Luci’s fun party with us. And kudos to you, Mom, for teaching your sweet girl such an important lesson about hospitality.

Together with you,

Lisa Lou


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