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2020 Gift Guide

Updated: Apr 23

‘Tis the season! Patti Hatton and her daughter, Jessica, put together a list of gift ideas to help make your 2020 holiday buying a little easier. With less opportunities for window shopping, we hope this provides you with a few simple ideas. Always remember that gift giving is an art. Finding an item that speaks to the heart of the recipient can either meet a need or add beauty and interest to one’s life. Look for things that bless the essence of the recipient. This lets them know they were “noticed.” We would love to hear from you, too! Please share your ideas!

1. For anyone entertaining this season: A wine shipment you can't go wrong with is Orin Swift. Check out their Holiday Gift collections.

2. For the lavish entertainers among you: The Saint Louis Les Endiables collection will please your fancy friends.

3. For anyone who spent the last few months keeping busy by updating their home: Monogrammed bath sheets from Matouk or Weezie.

4. Know anyone who built a makeshift home gym during quarantine? Purchase a bin and fill with sweat towels, a nice multi-purpose cleaner, and resistance bands.

5. For anyone traveling over the weekend: A Dagne Dover weekender.

6. For the person you have trouble buying for, start a collection for them. This way you can just add to the collection: Buy a single stemware of crystal and add to their setting each year. A coffee table book featuring some of their favorite travel destinations or other hobbies is always thoughtful.

7. A gift for anyone and everyone: Santal Candle by Le Labo.

8. Any coffee lovers? The Ember Mug.

9. For the baker: The-all-in-one Measuring Cup.

10. For the trendy jewelry lover: Anything from LeMel is always a hit!

11. The great outdoor lovers will be thrilled with a solo stove outdoor firepit.

12. And Patti’s favorite gift: A new illustrated Bible (NIV translation). It is an easy way to learn more about the Bible through an illustrated, book by book, collection: The Alabaster Company Bible books.

Thank you, Patti and Jessica, for these great ideas!

Together with you,

Lisa Lou


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