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Worth their Weight in Salt


Sodom was located near the southeast corner of the Dead Sea. Some interesting facts: the sea consists of approximately 30% salt (for comparison, the Atlantic Ocean is around 3.5%); it is the lowest habitable place on earth and sits approximately .25 miles below sea level; you cannot sink in the Dead Sea. The body of water is 42 miles long and 11 miles wide.

Salt represented power and wealth. The phrase “worth their weight in salt” means a person is competent, deserving, and worthwhile. The city of Sodom was a lucrative town, and this might have been partly due to the massive amount of nearby salt. Ancient cities developed because of the salt trade, as salt was valuable for food preservation, roads, etc.

The term salary comes from the word salarium, and the root word sal means salt. Roman soldiers were often paid in salt instead of money.

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