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Who Is in Your Spiritual Community?

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

You know at Lisa Lou’s we love listening to Christian psychologist, Dr. Henry Cloud. I want to recap a 1-minute video he recently posted. It is critical for our relational health.

Who is your community?

“We may have a biological family, but we also have community and a spiritual family. This is where we draw fuel, encouragement, teaching, modeling, value, and experiences that help us be our best in our real family. I am a better spouse and parent because my spiritual family helps me be a better person. They encourage me. They confront me. They hold me accountable. But sometimes we do not take inventory of how full the bus is with the people we need in our (spiritual) community. Get a piece of paper. Draw a circle. And write in that circle the people that are in your spiritual community that fuel you. And ask yourself, “Do I need to add some seats, or do I need to replace some players?”

Summary: Who is your spiritual support system outside of your family? People in your church you have a relationship with, or in your Bible study. If you cannot name any, be proactive in seeking these relationships. At the same time, remove those that bring an unhealthy element to your spiritual circle. Both steps are critical for relational health!

Together with you,

Lisa Lou


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