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Tidbit: Every Woman Should Have a Calling Card⁣⁣

What is a calling card? It is really no different than a business card, except a business card is handed out when talking about business, and a calling card is handed out when you want someone to have your personal information. ⁣

A business card is about pushing your product. A calling card is communicating human interest in you. In my opinion, if you have a business card, I do not think it is necessary for you to also have a calling card. ⁣

Many women do not have business cards, though, and in this case, I think it is important to have a calling card. It might be easier when you meet someone to simply say, “Pull out your phone and I will type in my information,” but this does not leave much of an impression. ⁣

Presenting someone with a beautiful card gives them something physical to hang onto and allows you to stay on their mind long after your conversation has ended.


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