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Question: How many of you registered for fine china when you married?

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Use your fine china...every day (if you want). Why wouldn’t we? It’s usually the most beautiful plates we own, so why do they only see the light of day twice a year? Most people will respond that they use these elegant items only on special occasions. I would challenge by saying, “Is a date night at home with your spouse a special occasion?” You bet it is. Is celebrating your son’s football playoff victory a special occasion? Sure!

Gone are the days that you cannot put fine china in the dishwasher. If your items were purchased after 1970, your place settings should hold up fine. Use the gentle or china rinse cycle and turn the heat off. Let the dishes air dry. (Plates created before 1970 should probably still be handwashed.) Fine china also makes great decorating pieces. In my eye, they are works of art, so why not display them? Don’t let those special pieces collect dust in a cabinet, pull them out and treat your family to a special night, every night. Why not? Your family IS your most precious commodity.


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