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Pineapple: The Symbol of Hospitality

I am often asked why the pineapple is the logo for Celebrate By Lisa Lou. Our mission is to bring families and friends back home through simple entertaining and acts of hospitality. In the South, this fruit has long been the symbol of welcome, celebrations and hospitality.

Christopher Columbus discovered the fruit on a voyage to South America. Bringing a few pineapples back to the king of Spain, the popularity spread, and it quickly became a sought-after item among the European elite.

Because of the stately appearance of the fruit, it was often displayed as a centerpiece for dinner parties. The added benefit of sweet juice and tasty meat meant there were multiple uses when entertaining. From cocktail mixes to candied delicacies, there was no end to the different things the pineapple provided. The fruit was so popular it soon found its way into paintings, sculptures, and even architectural pieces.

The fruit became known as a sign of welcome due to its use by colonial sea captains. They would frequently place a pineapple on their fence posts announcing to the village that they had returned home from their voyage. This signaled to the community that all were invited to stop by for a visit.

The pineapple continued to grow in importance in the colonies as a symbol of friendship and warmth, and it often took center stage during Christmas gatherings. Before long, this delicious fruit became the universal symbol of hospitality and still holds this position today.

Together with you,

Lisa Lou


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