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May Pool Party Idea

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Decor Ideas:

1. If you go with a generic “celebrate summer” pool party, then these decorations will need to change, but for this description I am combining the pool party with Memorial Weekend.

2. I think we tend to forget that Memorial Weekend is more for a time of remembrance than celebration. I am all for throwing a party on this weekend, because it is also the start of summer, but I think it is important to remember why we gather. It is to honor and “memorialize” our fallen soldiers. Keeping this in mind the colors and theme I would use lean more toward camouflage.

3. On your buffet table, place large plastic toy tanks.

4. For your centerpiece, have a vase with red, white and blue flowers with American flags poking out.

5. If you have access to anything like this, place small pictures of American veterans on easels around the table. These can be from your family or your friend’s families. As part of your invitation you could ask your guests to bring one item they would like to share if they had family in the military. These items will be great on your table, and they will evoke wonderful conversations.

6. A great party favor is an American flag lapel pin

7. As a side note, I am often reminded by my veteran son that we should refrain from saying, “Happy Memorial Day.” The only thing happy about Memorial Day is the fact that we live in a free country, but it is because of the sacrifice of those that have gone before us.

Spotify Playlist for Pool Party.

Menu Ideas:

All recipes come courtesy of Penny and Eleazar Martinez.

Taste Tests for the menu ideas come out every Friday, so if you do not see the one you're looking for now, be sure to keep checking back here or on our Instagram.

May Memorial Day Pool Party
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