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Love to Our Mothers, By Blood or Law

Mother in Law_Daughter in Law Checklist (1)
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Mothers-in-Law and Daughters-in-Law

As we approach Mother’s Day, I would like to take a special look at the precious women in our lives that hold the title of Mother-in-law. Do you remember the movie Monster-in-Law? It starred Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda in a romantic comedy centered around the tumultuous relationship between a bride and her future mother-in-law. If you have not seen it, you should. It will keep you laughing but, sadly, may hit closer to home than you would like to admit.

We have all heard of the dreaded mother-in-law/daughter-in-law (MIL/DIL) relationship. Comedians tell jokes about it, shows have highlighted it, and hundreds of books have been written about it. No wonder some women grow up fearing their future mother-in-law, and why some mothers look on their future daughter-in-law as a foreign invader into their already established family.

My question has always been, “But, why?” Why does a relationship, that should be one of the most precious in a family, cause so much anxiety and hurt? Is it real? Or is it a false narrative?

At Lisa Lou’s, we seek to point you to truth. God has given us an example of what the mother-in-law/ daughter-in-law relationship should be. It can be found in the book of Ruth, and it is a beautiful illustration of how God designed this bond to work. Ruth and her daughter-in-law, Naomi, did whatever it took to care for each other, even when the man that brought them together was no longer with them. They loved each other; they honored each other; and the key to their success? They both put God as the most important figure in their lives.

Before we can begin building a relationship, though, we must first learn a little about each other. Once we do this, we can start finding common ground where we learn to love each other just as Ruth and Naomi did. We hope you will have fun with our MIL/DIL checklist to get the conversation flowing, and let’s all give a big, “We Love You!” to the special moms in our lives. Whether by birth or by law, God has placed these special people in our lives for a reason. Let’s Celebrate!


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