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Looking for a Scapegoat When We Mess Up


“When she knew she was pregnant, she began to despise her mistress. Then Sarai said to Abram, ‘You are responsible for the wrong I am suffering. I put my slave in your arms, and now that she knows she is pregnant, she despises me. May the Lord judge between you and me.’ ‘Your slave is in your hands,’ Abram said. ‘Do with her whatever you think best.’ Then Sarai mistreated Hagar; so she fled from her.” Genesis 16:4-6

Sarai’s servant, Hagar, began taunting Sarai and treating her as “less than” because she could not bear Abram a child. This upset Sarai and she blamed Abram for her suffering. What?!? She blamed Abram? Wasn’t it Sarai that orchestrated this entire fiasco? How often we go against God’s will, and then when it does not work out, we look for a scapegoat instead of owning up to our part in the problem? We are human, we make mistakes, but it is not our mistakes that determine our success or failure, it is how we handle those mistakes!


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