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Is Your Front Porch Party Ready?

Is your front porch party ready? We know curb appeal is a real thing. So much so it can affect the price of your home. Then let’s not forget this important area of our house when entertaining guests. A front porch will be the first greeting a person receives. If you want your friends to have that happy feeling before ringing your doorbell, then add a few of these touches to make your home a place of welcome.

  1. Wreath: a simple green wreath or one decorated for the holidays is a welcoming touch

  2. Furniture: If you have room for a rocking chair, this is my first choice. Or a pretty garden bench.

  3. Pillows: A few colorful throw pillows on the outdoor furniture allows you to change the look of your porch each season.

  4. Plant or Flowers: Add a potted plant or two to bring in seasonal color.

  5. Door Mat: All guests need a place to wipe dust and dirt from their shoes. Don’t forget this important item.

  6. Seasonal Décor: This can be displayed through the wreath, pillows and plants.

  7. Doorbell or knocker: Make sure you have a doorbell that works or a knocker you can hear. People don’t like standing at a front door that is not answered in a timely manner.

  8. Address Sign or Plaque: Both for safety reasons and for the ease of your guests, have your home address visible. I think an added touch is to name your home. You can add the address to the name plaque or let the name stand alone.

Together with you,

Lisa Lou


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