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How to Stay Energized for My Party

Q: I like to entertain, but I am always so tired the day of the party. How do I manage my energy level?

A: Managing your energy level begins long before the day of the party. When I entertain, my goal is to wake up the day of my event and have nothing (well, almost nothing) on the schedule except to pamper myself. This is how I ensure I am ready for my party and full of energy. If you leave cleaning, straightening, and a lot of cooking to do the day of, then you are doomed. You manage your energy level by being organized and doing your prep work on any other day except the day of your party. For those last-minute items that none of us can avoid (warming up food, lighting candles, opening the wine to decant) enlist others to help. My son grew up in a home where we entertained extensively. At a young age I put him to work. One of his earliest jobs was to take drink orders from guests. People love to see children helping! Neighborhood teenagers are another great resource. I frequently engaged high school girls and guys to have extra hands around. They can answer the door, pass out food, or just baby sit your children. Stay energized for your next event by being organized!


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