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7 Tips for Creating a Great Guest List

Creating the guest list for a party can be stressful. My desire will always be to minimize the pressure we put on ourselves and get to a point where all aspects of entertaining become a joyful experience. With that said, I admit deciding who will and will not be invited to an event can be intimidating. Not to add more pressure but who makes it on the guest list and who does not often pre-determines if the party will be a success or just ho-hum. Here’s the good news. If you follow these steps when creating your list, it will not matter what type of event you throw as fun will be had by all!

1. Ask yourself why you are having this party. Is it to honor a friend, celebrate a birthday, or bring likeminded people together for stimulating conversation? Maybe there are several friends you need to thank with a reciprocal invitation. You need to know why you are hosting this gathering before you can proceed.

2. Determine your venue and the number of people you can accommodate. If I am hosting a sit-down dinner in my home, I know I can seat a maximum of twelve at my table. If I am hosting a cocktail party, I can handle a much larger crowd. The size of the venue will help you put boundaries around the size of your guest list.

3. Pay close attention to your budget, because this plays a big part in determining how many people you will invite.

4. Once you have answered the above questions, you now need to do the “mix and match.” Personalities need to complement one another. You do not want a table full of introverts that sit in silence. You also do not want an entire group of type A personalities that talk over each other. A good mix is important, especially if it is a smaller gathering.

5. If possible, have at least one person, other than you, that each guest knows. Or invite acquaintances with common interests thus ensuring healthy dialogue will take place among strangers. Feeling connected and included is important for those at your event.

6. Include others that understand what it takes to be a good guest. You want someone you can count on to help carry the party along

7. Gender does not need to be divided 50/50, but it is nice to have a balanced mix.

If you will follow the above steps, you will be well on your way to a successful event!

Together with you,

Lisa Lou


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