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Hair Hacks: Rinse and Repeat Causing Damage?

When deciding to purchase big box store vs salon hair products it is important to understand the difference. Many shampoos you will find at the local drug store contain a high percentage of sulfates, and many conditioners contain wax. This can create a viscous cycle of damage. The sulfates are needed to strip away the wax. The wax is needed to cover up the damage from the sulfates. The constant rinse and repeat can harm the strands and destroy your color. Most women see a difference in their hair when they switch to a professional salon-recommended product. How can you tell the difference between products? You do not want it to contain sulfates. This is what dries out the hair and causes frizz. Professional products are regulated by the FDA and legally sold only through salons (with a few exceptions). So, when a salon label says it is sulfate free, it is backed with a government guarantee.

Anna Laurel Staskus-Contributor



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