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Graduation Gifts

Graduation is a pivotal point in a young person’s life. It is the beginning of a season of responsibility, coming of age, and independence. As these twenty-somethings are about to discover the meaning of “adulting,” here are some gift ideas that will no doubt be a blessing in your college grad’s new life.

Business Accessories:

1. Luggage: Spare your grad the embarrassment of rolling around their juvenile luggage set on their first business travel! I recommend a quality set such as Tumi for a young professional.

2. Black designer bag: A great bag is a staple accessory that your grad will absolutely adore for years to come. She will exude confidence and appear polished for job interviews, networking events, and corporate dinners.

3. Leather portfolio: When walking into a business meeting, boardroom, or boss’s office, your grad will look perfectly professional with a monogrammed leather portfolio from Mark & Graham.

4. Golf clubs: It is no secret golf is popular in business, especially among upper management. If your grad is going into a corporate job, chances are this game is in his/her future. Get them ready with a set of new clubs!

Kitchen/Home Items:

1. Coffeemaker: I used to avoid signing up for those dreaded 8am classes in college. I remember the moment when I finally realized I would have to wake up early the rest of my life after I landed my first job! That is when my coffee habit began. Get your grad a coffee maker or espresso machine to help them ease the transition!

2. Instant Pot: Give the gift of convenience. Easy cooking with quick, one-pot meals after a long day of work. Better than spending on takeout!

3. Bed sheets: Gift your grad a great night’s sleep with quality, high thread-count sheets. I recommend a Parachute sheet set. I bought mine back in 2016 and am so impressed with how well they have held up all these years.

Self-Improvement Gifts:

1. Planner: Set the new graduate up for success with a daily planner! This is a great way for them to stay organized and help them reach their life and career goals. To see how Lisa Lou organizes, check out her Daily Journal blog.

2. Book: One of my wonderful mentors gifted me a book that had a big impact on her life. She included a beautiful, handwritten note wishing me success. Give your grad literature that has helped you in your own life or career!

3. Finance Courses: Everyone student needs good advice when it comes to money. Set them up with financial success from the very start. I highly recommend Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. I learned about budgeting, saving, and investing in a simple, commonsense way.

4. Vitamin subscription: Part of adulting is self-care! Help your grad get into the habit of maintaining good health by starting with a daily multivitamin. I love Ritual!


It can be overwhelming for any grad to think of all the financial responsibilities and expenses that come after graduation. A cash gift is always appreciated and will be put to good use!

Samantha Reyna

Mom to 2 toddlers and loving wife


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