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Hosting a Casino or Game Night Party! Simple Décor and Menu Ideas

Updated: Apr 22

Let’s talk Games! Remember, my approach to entertaining is KISS (*). I feel strongly that the more complicated a party becomes, the less likely we are to entertain. If our goal is to bring people back to the table and open our home more frequently, then we need to remind ourselves to KISS. With this philosophy in mind, my decorating focuses almost exclusively on the table where we will be dining, and I also put a few decorations around the buffet table if that is how I am serving food. I do not attempt to decorate other areas of my home (unless it is during December). These are my simple tips:

Game Night/Casino Party Decor:

1. For flower arrangements, use large wine glasses filled with dice and add bouquets of red, white, and a pop of yellow. Since these arrangements will naturally be smaller, use several around your table.

2. Candles are always a nice touch. You can go with a similar theme and use martini glasses filled with dice and water and set a floating tea light candle on top. Again, scatter several around the table.

3. If you are doing a casino party, stick with the colors: red, black, gold, and white. For a simple game night party, stay with primary colors.

4. For a buffet table, balloons are always festive. Use the appropriate colors based on casino vs. family game night. Continue to capitalize on the colors with your choice of cocktail and dinner napkins. For a family game night, you can scatter antique board games around for décor.

5. Let your dessert be part of the decorations. Cupcakes are always fun, and you can place two dice on top of each one. Or mix them up and place dice on a few and poker chips on the others.

6. Party Favor: For a casino party, a nice deck of cards wrapped in cellophane would be great. For a family friendly game night, a deck of UNO cards is always a treat.

Game Night Party Menu:

All recipes come courtesy of Penny and Eleazar Martinez.

1. Appetizers:

2. Main Dishes:

  • Lemon Oregano Drumsticks

3. Sides:

  • Whipped Potatoes with Roasted Garlic

  • Mushrooms with Marsala Wine

4. Dessert:

  • Bread Pudding with Maple-Banana Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream

5. Suggested Wine:

  • Rosé

6. Other Drinks:

  • Coffee

  • Sparkling Water

February Casino Party
Download PDF • 3.73MB

Game Night Party Menu:

1. Main Dishes:

2. Dessert:

3. Suggested Wine:

  • Sweet sparkling wine, pureed strawberries

4. Other Drinks:

  • Coffee

  • Sparkling water

  • Water

February Game Night Party
Download PDF • 3.74MB

*Keep It Simple Silly (you know what that last word really means!). The above menu represents a large selection. I do not usually offer everything on this list. Thank you to Chef Eli and Penny for creating our menu.


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