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Family Friendly Holiday Cookie Swap

Updated: Apr 22

As your holiday social calendar is no doubt filling up, you may be looking for a family friendly party idea to get into the spirit! A Christmas Cookie Swap is wonderful for large groups and something the entire family will enjoy! I would recommend inviting at least six families so there are enough cookies for the exchange. This party idea is budget friendly for young families, the ingredients for the cookies are generally inexpensive, and your party décor is already in place with festive decorating.

If you are unfamiliar with the idea of a Christmas Cookie Swap, everyone brings a batch of their favorite home-baked treat to share with the group, along with the printed recipe (one for each family). The families then swap cookies, so they leave with a sampling of all the various sweets. It is a fun event, and the children love seeing all the beautiful desserts! Here are a few tips to ensure your Christmas Cookie Swap is a success!

1. Send out invitations early! This can be via text, Evite, or snail mail but it is important to let everyone know in advance to ensure a good turnout during the busy holiday season!

2. Be sure to specify how many cookies people are expected to bring based on the number of invitees.

3. Ask everyone to RSVP.

4. Let people know if they will need to bring their own cookie platters and containers or if these will be provided by the hostess. After all, guests will need something to carry all those cookies in.

5. Keep the children entertained with a memorable Christmas movie or set up a cookie decorating station with simple sugar cookies, icing, and sprinkles. Add favorite musical carols and you have just created a memory for all.

Get inspired to host an exchange this year, and then take turns with another family next year. It is an easy and festive party tradition to begin with friends.

Sami Reyna

Mom to 2 toddlers and loving wife


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