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Do You Burn The Wick On Both Ends?

With our crazy lives, you may feel like you are burning the wick on both ends. For today’s tidbit, I’m speaking literally, though. A simple decorating tip: when you buy a new candle light the wick, let it burn a few minutes, then blow it out. Why? Everything in our home should have a reason for its existence and be something we use. Our homes should feel lived in, not like a museum. When you leave your candles unburned, they look like just another decoration that has no purpose. But if you burn the wick as soon as you bring it home then this becomes one small, but effective, way of stating my candles are not just for show and my home is not a false façade. “We live here, we love here and we ‘do life’ here.” Burning candles creates a sense of warmth and comfort for those in your home. Even if your candles are not lit when guests or family are around, having burned wicks gives the impression of past comforts. It helps make your home that welcoming place we long to achieve.


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