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Covid and Breath Mints

On March 2 Texas opened back up to 100% and the mask mandate was removed. As you can see by this New York Times tracker, the virus has continued to decline since this date. On 3/2 there were 7,240 daily cases reported, and recently we hit a low of 1,200 cases. This is good news for the Lone Star State, and it also means social activities have quickly ramped up! My mother and I attended a luncheon this week, and I did something I had not done in more than a year. When I switched my purse, I grabbed my breath mints! Something so little, yet it made such an impact. The realization I was going to enjoy an afternoon with friends filled my heart with joy. I guess this post is not so much a tidbit, but more of a reminder as life begins to see some normalcy. When you are socializing with others, good breath is equal to good manners. Let’s remember this!

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Mark Clouse
Mark Clouse
15 de set. de 2022

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