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Choose Wisely and Protect your Family


Abram left Egypt with his wife, Sarai, and his nephew Lot. As they journeyed into the wilderness there were too many people and too much livestock for the land to support this large clan, so Abram told his nephew they should peaceably part ways and go different directions. Abram showed generosity and gave Lot first choice as to which land he would inhabit. Lot was greedy and chose the Jordan valley. He took the best for himself while at the same time choosing to live near Sodom, a city that was full of sin. As the Bible Commentary states, “…urban prosperity dazzled a simple countryman who failed to appreciate its underlying corruption.” Not only was Lot consumed with temptation and the big city, but he failed as the leader of his family. He willingly exposed them to the dangerous ways of the citizens of Sodom. It is very easy for all of us to be taken in by the glamour of the world that surrounds us. Every morning when my feet hit the floor, I kneel by my bed and ask God to protect me, my family, and to help me keep my eye on Him. A simple prayer, but one with great power.


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